Into the great unknown

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Hey! Haven’t seen you in a year. A lot has happened. In other news, I’m taking down this website. But fear not! Everything will be archived. If you’re willing to learn a bit about the person behind the owl, then you’re more than welcome to. I’m hoping to provide some context as to why it’s taken me a year to come forward with this.

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Unveiling Steam's browser login method (for real this time)

Not even 24 hours after I initially published my post on Steam’s web login shenanigans, I was flooded with comments, suggestions, stories and mails. It absolutely blew me away and I took my time to read through every single response. Since then, I have gained new insights and, in my humble opinion, a pretty conclusive look at what it is that Steam is doing with the passwords of their users. This article aims to fill in the gaps of my original post. Any questions that popped up back then will hopefully be answered for good.

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Modifying Telegram's "People Nearby" feature to pinpoint people's homes

One morning I woke up and found that Telegram implemented a new feature called “People Nearby”. If you choose to share your location publicly on Telegram, you’ll appear in a list for users who are physically close to you. Not only that, but they’ll also see just how far away you are down to the meter. However, you don’t need to share your own location in order to see where people around you are located. These are perfect prerequisites to find out just how accurate this feature really is and, more importantly, whether or not it can be used to find out where nearby Telegram users live.

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