About Me

Hello! My name is Maximilian, avid avian ambassador based in Germany, owner of the best coffee mug in the world and cybersec connoisseur when not obsessing over owl footage of any kind. Owlspace is my personal platform to publish whatever it may be that I’m fascinated with at the moment when I’m not busy with my ongoing masters degree (like the theme to this website). Expect to find articles related to cybersecurity, personal projects of mine and thoughts on IT matters as I continue to grow my arsenal of topics to talk about.

Picture of me and my favorite mug

Curated selfie — yes, that’s 100% me

My fascination with information technology started about a decade ago when I first got to know TurboPascal as a way to command a computer to do whatever you want. From there, it was a rapid descent into programming languages and their inner workings. My main focus had been on the Android and web platform for a very long time (the latter causing me to create the theme to this website which you should check out).

Armed with my knowledge of information systems, my interests shifted from developing things to breaking things (responsibly) around the start of my studies. I strengthened my ability to understand and pull apart complicated systems and thereby realize what makes them work. I gained a great appreciation of the open source community and the importance of making your knowledge freely available to the general public. And, maybe on a bit of a tangent, I found a lot of joy in explaining complex things in less complex words in my work as a tutor from time to time.

These days, I follow the cybersec community with great interest and try to pick up bits of information from here and there to further deepen my knowledge of attack vectors, methods and much more. And if you’ve read this far, then I welcome you along for the ride.

If you wish to contact me, use the e-mail address at the footer of this page. You can also follow me on Twitter @asciiowl, but I use it mainly to follow people in cybersec. Credit for the lovely pixelated owl and crow sprites in the footer of this page goes to my lovely overseas girlfriend. Check her out over on Instagram @nyraxart.